Invest in you. And your community.
You have probably heard of these tax code numbers and understand what they do:
(Section) 529 is for funding Education
(Section) 401k is for funding Retirement
This is another number you will want to understand:
(Section) 664 is for building Charitable and Personal Wealth
(Section 664) can help YOU:
Create more future income you can rely on
Pay less tax
Do something for your favorites charities

"Endowed America, using the tools of Social Secharity, means the financial future is assured for individuals and their families, and necessary community service organizations are operating efficiently and fully funded.  This requires a quantum change from $30 trillion in debt to $30 trillion in endowment. A quantum change from indebted America to Endowed America."  -  Les Winston, Chartered Advisor In Philanthropy

The Endow America Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501 C 3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

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EIN # 26-0521329

The mission of the Endow America Network Foundation, Inc. (EANF) is to: increase the number of professional philanthropic advisors; increase the public’s awareness of professional philanthropic advisors; and to educate the public on the availability and use of charitable planning vehicles. The Council is one program of the Foundation.   Our public education program is 



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