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Why is an Endowment Engineer so important? 


  • The planning is complicated.
  • The planning requires a holistic approach.  
  • There are hundreds of plans allowed by the relevant Sections of the tax code dealing with philanthropic planning.  



The Endowment Engineer Search is part of a public education campaign, that includes:

Endowment Engineer Search
 Client Based advisors ARE NOT employed by a charitable organization.
Charity Based advisors ARE employed by charitable organizations.  
Please read this disclaimer before searching: This Endowment Engineer Search is available for information purposes only. EANF gives no warranty of any kind, express or implied with regard to the information, including without limitation any warranty that the particular advisor or organization that you select is qualified to advise on your situation. The information in the individual member’s biographies displayed in the Search is provided by the advisors themselves including their specialties.

Financial facts and circumstances are different for each of us. Therefore, you need to know how philanthropic planning will benefit you and your favorite charity(s). Consult your own personal advisor and/or search for an Endowment Engineer.
What is the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) designation?
    All Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy are Endowment Engineers. Some work for the public and some work for charities. All CAPs have a post graduate certification and can provide financial counsel and financial services using tools of philanthropic planning. The Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) designation is offered by the nonprofit, The American College of Financial Services, and is a three course masters-level designation for financial advisors and nonprofit gift planners. Learn more: https://www.theamericancollege.edu/designations-degrees/cap

Disclaimer: Endow America Network Foundation, Inc. is not directly affiliated with the The American College (CAP® program), or any other institution or organization.
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