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of professionals who have a CAP or required experience in Philanthropic Planning

About Endow America Network Foundation, Inc. 

The Endow America Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501 C 3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.
EIN #  26-0521329
Attention grantmakers - if you support public education about proper philanthropy, we would like to be invited to apply for a grant.   
Attention Corporate Sponsors - If you are a corporate sponsor of public education about proper philanthropy, we can always use additional support.   
Mission of the The Endow American Network Foundation, Inc. (formerly the AiP Foundation, Inc.) -  to increase the number of professional philanthropic advisors; increase the public’s awareness of professional philanthropic advisors; and to educate the public on the availability and use of charitable planning vehicles.  
Endow America Network Foundation Programs include:
Social Public Education Program
Scholarships (based on funding)
Council of Professional Philanthropic Advisors  

Our Team includes:

Les Winston, Chairman of the Board

John Capurso, ED, Endow America Networking Foundation

Jaclyn Farnham, ED, Council of Professional Philanthropic Advisors

Wanda Myles, Director, Station Programming & Operations

Les Haber, Media Broker

Jordyn Stauber, Coordinator of Social Secharity Website, Media, Marketing and Advertising

Ossman J. Darwiche, Copy Writer

Guido Gonzalez, Illustrator

Les Winston, Endow America Network Founder and Social Secharity creator (receiving Fithian Leadership Award from Todd Fithian)
Initial Scholarship Gift Which Funded the First Scholarships Awarded
In 2010, AiP Foundation, Inc. (now the Endow America Network Foundation) was named a recipient of the Eva Marder Charitable Remainder Trust. The donation was earmarked specifically for $500 CAP® Scholarships and allowed the Foundation to award 68 scholarships.   Les Winston, AiP Foundation Chairman of the Board, gave us the story behind the Eva Marder Charitable Remainder Trust gift:
Eva Marder was a hard working retail merchant alongside her husband David. For many years, they owned a ladies wear store near Lincoln Road on what is today known as South Beach, Florida. The business was successful and operated until they retired in 1981. Evie's life was thrown into upheaval when David died soon after retirement, and she was left alone to handle everything that had been done by David for all the years they were married.
I met Evie in 2000 through a referral from a client. Evie was 85 at the time and had been managing her own plans and investments. She had recently gone through some medical issues, and she became very anxious about her future.
I began advising Evie and together we reached a plan that would do everything Evie wanted. I spent many delightful hours with this affable, good humored, and generous lady. Evie used to refer to me as the son she never had, and I was happy to be her most trusted advisor. Many times, she would thank me for how relieved and calm she felt about her future.
In 2005, I told Evie about the CAP® designation I had earned from the American College. Evie said, "what did you need that for, you did all of that for me already". I explained that it took me 20 years to learn by my own experiences, what could now be taught in a three year course. That must have impressed Evie because just prior to her passing in 2009 at age 94, Evie made the AIP Foundation the sole beneficiary of the Eva Marder Charitable Remainder Trust for purposes of endowing scholarships for the CAP designation. She said at the time,"I hope this will make more (advisors) like you".

Disclaimer:   Social Secharity is a registered trademark of the Endow America Network Foundation, a 501(c)(3) IRC Organization. 
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